Saturday, March 14, 2015

a memo

All this life I waited for someone like you
and then I was not surprised
understanding the mechanism
after all I was just another
recurring cliche.
I was not really looking
for my eyes were open.                  


floated within me,
slid through my sternum
into my life stream;
when you found one       
of the million pores                       
in my skin.                     

Elevated me with                     
radiant petals of       
beauteous love in

the truest-purest.  
I had never known                       
oneness as true as the moment.                       
We gave birth to us                    
and saw ourselves reflected                       
in the endless dust storm                       
of star shine.                                
Every moment we discover ourselves recombined                     
in our blessed eternities of tranquil.                       
In all that timelessness                     
I often rediscover the truth                     
that I could never let go       
for somehow you are the                       
zenith-the optimum high                       
from where the fear of falling                     
has hidden promises                     
of a memorable rebound.                             
[a needy greedy lover I am]   
So in a world of sparkling riches               
and frightening remoteness                      
stay if you like   

Sunday, March 8, 2015

D i s c l o s u r e

Words hurt.

Distance matters or not.

The root of unfocus
and dreams of locust ridden expanse
of dying gold under dancing gray.

The mind envisions and constructs,
Blood travels, rushing and gushing.

I pour myself into every nook and cranny
you melt in the hard nothing but me,
The potted plants and the beaded hair
the morning cup of Tea with ginger.

Every act
every moment is
a memory,
a scene,
a portrait,
a bubble.

We are a cocoon
a multiverse.

My eyes are your nest.
your womb is
my abode,
my coffin

Every time my fingers
run through,
you surrender
and the color runs deep,

de-fleshed, de-boned, deconstructed,

You move beneath me
and the ground moves beneath.

You are


We testify,


run amok,
and pant.


crash into
the twilight forest,

and catch escaped dreams
while they slide down
from the soaking black
of unconscious -afloat.

You shed a few drops
and your lips scorch my skin
-fulfilled, adjoined.

We are the Siamese twins
of soul love.

You want me to be
within you-forever.
Every single blink, sneeze 
and act of
mine has a reason. 
The poems, 
the photographs, 
the accidents, the tear
the connection is all there 
and would be there.

The tapestry
of an enduring love.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A d v e r s i t y

For her I had all the love,
all I could ever
sum up,  generate;
swim in and drown.
Only to shoot up
to breathe
in the air of hope.
And be giddy like
a happy boy,
in yellow shorts-
whistling on
those solitary boulevards.
And smiling, I stayed afloat
in the slow moving love stream;
hitting the right notes
in the thin air,
creating my own symphony
of pure and endless love.
The notes
originating from
the strings of my heart,
and the giant waves
of the mind.
Submerged in thoughts of her,
conscious and unconscious,
My eyes feasting on her
and every blink showing
an evanescent flash.
And I drifted on,
slowly revolving
rapturous and liberated.
waiting for my union with her,
loving her a little more;
holding her vision a little longer,
living the moment
another lifetime.
Until one day a rusted lock
would give me
cancerous vision ..
making my life a giant vista
of space
with howling, screaming silence,
and walls so high, just so high-
that even my paper rockets and
empty bottles
wouldn’t ever reach and
rather would get washed away,
by the apologetic ocean.
Until another day, in another world
someone would find a letter-
blurred by saline water,
trapped in glass.
A letter
in the obliterated vacuum
of a bottle,
smelling of ancient death
and ageless love and
telling my verses to the world,
while asking my questions-
the ones that would have
been answered already.
Till then I would co-exist
with my my dark army
and sit on the broken bridge,
looking at the discolored house-
a waste of space with
chained nightmares.
And just whistle
throwing the bottle down and
wait for the splash and
Fade to white.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I woke up last night,
with distant bells ringing deep within my head.
The strange silhouettes swaying in the flimsy mist
above the unfamiliar terrain and the strong wind
blowing across from east did not help much
albeit tangible and strikingly familiar
like theosophical discussions.

The deserted tube station
of my mind was still inhabited by
the stoic robust melancholia hanging in thick
like slow moving origami birds made up of metal
rusted, pre-world war but acting like dark matter
soaking the very last shards of light
choking my defense mechanisms
every last bit.
Each time I walked
to the washroom to take the next pill
my eyes squeaked twitching like stage 3 Linda Blair.
Little spurts of pain ejaculated in white balls
of nothingness.
And I smiled with my eyes shut thinking about
you half asleep on the couch oblivious
to the wars woes and wounds

I think
that got me through
like always.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Violet Hour

I stare into blank space,
see a million dark stars
sending injun crypts
in a cursive that rain
on me dousing the sky high
white flames
my pores pour
my adagio in harmonic waves.

I hear my name reverberating
within the cove seeping from
the Mesolithic murals and from
underneath the phosphorescent water
she glides on the placid lake,

I see her outstretched palm.
My eyes don't blink in an eternity.
I accept it and my heart calls out
to the wild the wind and the night
replete with the chaotic history and
histrionics of things events ancient unknown

I lock eyes with her while
she catches my falling eyelash
bending gravity, destiny, time
laughing a languid tempest
with her gaze she levels
me a few million times
behold that magnetism
that pulls me back from
the dense rubble of
stoic devotion.

I swim inside a placenta of disquiet.
I split into a million strands that,
twirl creating the perfect symphony of
enconium that reach her and out.
She bursts a fiery globe of crimson.

I see her all encompassed beyond
My voynich manuscript
My endless enigma.
My mohave venus.